a cute trainwreck;
gingeritt asked you: Kurt and Blaine go clubbing in New York and both get hit on by other bar patrons. One reacts well, the other…. not so much.

Blaine nodded at Chad, laughing. “No, trust me, I know exactly what you mean.”

The other man smiled and reached out, flicking at a curl on Blaine’s head that had come loose from the gel.

Suddenly, there was a hand on Blaine’s arm, pulling him out of his seat. “Excuse me, I’m just grabbing my boyfriend so I can dance, with my boyfriend,” Kurt said, leaning in close to Chad’s face. Chad jerked back in his chair, jaw dropping open slightly. But Kurt was pulling Blaine away from the bar before Chad could say anything else.

Kurt didn’t stop until they were in the middle of the throng, hot, moving bodies pressing against them from all sides. Blaine gasped as Kurt slid a leg between his and gripped his belt loops to tug him closer. Blaine choked on a groan and glanced up at Kurt, moving his hips to the beat.

But Kurt was still glaring at “I know he saw us come in together. I know it.”

"Maybe he also saw that other guy send you over a drink. And then you go over and chat with said guy." 

"That’s totally different," Kurt snapped. "I know that guy from work."

Blaine raised an eyebrow. “Maybe it was because that guy from work also grabbed your ass.”

Kurt stared down at Blaine, his already flushed cheeks darkening. “Yes, well. Kevin is very… touchy. And it was more a brush than a grab.”

Smiling, Blaine leaned up and brushed his lips across Kurt’s jaw. “It’s okay,” he said, just loud enough for Kurt to hear over the music. “I really,” he rolled his hips forward so Kurt could feel how hard he was under his jeans, “really don’t mind.”

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